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Is Your Check Engine Light On?

New Era Automotive Diagnostic Services

My check engine light is on! What's wrong with my car? How do you try to explain the problem to your mechanic?

As diagnostic specialists, we love a good a challenge and intermittent problems tend to be the most challenging of all.  To help speed the diagnosis, be prepared to answer a few questions.  When does the problem occur?  How often does it occur?  Where does it occur (freeway, uphill, downhill, etc)?  Does it occur during starting, idling, cruising, acceleration, deceleration, while turning, braking, or stopping?  Does the problem occur more frequently or get...
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How long can you really use your spare tire?

I had a flat tire a while ago, so I mounted the space-saver spare. I'll admit I left it on for way longer than the owner's manual suggests. Eventually, I replaced it with a full-size tire, but I've always wondered why manufacturers say you shouldn't use the spare for longer than necessary. Since the spare tire is used so infrequently, carmakers have switched to narrow, compact spares to save space and weight. Of course, a spare tire is a lifesaver when regular tires go pop, but leaving the temporary tire on for longer than...
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